Thursday, May 15, 2008

I Did It Again!


By Ross Forman


            I thought the 2007 Florence (Italy) Marathon, which I finished last November as part of the National AIDS Marathon Training Program (NAMTP), would be my one-and-only marathon, ever.




            Let’s see, on April 26, I ran the Nashville (Tenn.) Marathon, and was able to cut 25 minutes off my Florence time. And now I’m back training along the lakefront in Chicago with the NAMTP.


            My goal this time: finish the Amsterdam Marathon on Oct. 19 in my best time ever, and I’m quite confident that I can do it.


            I’m completely sold on the NAMTP training program, which is a mix of running and walking. I’m not winning the race, but I’m finishing. That’s most important. (And after the Nashville Marathon, I actually walked with Coach Katie and Coach Dan of the NAMTP from the finish line at LP Field to our hotels in downtown Nashville, about three miles away - after running 26.2 miles. Maybe a $10 cab ride would have been preferred, but it wasn't neccessary.)


            I never was a long-distance runner. I was, instead, the one who questioned the sanity of all the marathon runners.


            After training once with the NAMTP, and then training for Nashville by myself (though with the training techniques of the NAMTP), I am convinced that anyone – yes, absolutely anyone – can complete a marathon or half marathon with the training techniques of the NAMTP.


            So, if you’re even remotely considering the 26.2-mile challenge, give it a run … you might actually like running.


            My running and training is done to raise funds for the AIDS Foundation of Chicago. I’dbe grateful if you’d consider sponsoring me and, in the process, helping AIDS Foundation of Chicago.  So, please go to my website ( and help the AIDS Foundation of Chicago while I run to Amsterdam.  Thanks,



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