Monday, May 18, 2009

San Diego, Here I Come... (May 16, 2009)

By Ross Forman
Pictured above with TNA Wrestling's SoCal Val (left) and Traci Brooks (right)

(May 16, 2009, in Buffalo Grove, Illinois)
WIGG … that was my theory today during my 9-mile training run, my longest before heading to the San Diego Marathon on May 31.

Let’s start with the W. That stands for Weather or, more specifically, Wind. It seemed like I was running into the wind today, regardless of which direction I was heading. That certainly makes it a bit tougher, to put it mildly. But ultimately I finished the 9 miles in the exact time I was aiming for. And was kinda happy about that, especially after taking about a week off from training to give my body some time to rest and recover.

The I is for Ipod, or lack thereof. I didn’t charge my iPod and it had no juice left, thus, I had to go to my back-up – an iPod from about five years ago. This one had been charging for a week-plus, so I thought I was good to go. But that didn’t matter – three songs in, it died. Running eight miles without music sucks! Oh well.

The first G is for Geese. And there were plenty of them along the route. That means plenty of geese droppings along the route as well.

The second G is for Garmin. Many people know (and have read) that I have been thoroughly disappointed with my Garmin 405 watch. About 10 days ago, I spoke with Adam at Garmin’s headquarters in Kansas. I told him the problems I’ve had with the watch and, without hesitation, he offered to replace it. And he did. I now have a new Garmin 405 and, most important, it seems to work. Thanks, Adam!!

I truly am on the homestretch for the San Diego Marathon, and can’t wait to board my United Airlines flight on Wednesday, May 27, bound for the land of the Padres.

After San Diego, I then turn my attention to the Chicago Marathon on Sunday, Oct. 11. That will be my sixth marathon, but my first here at home. With family and friends in Chicago, that truly will be a fun run … if 26.2 miles is ever fun.

I’m running the Chicago Marathon as a benefit for the AIDS Foundation of Chicago and hope you will consider supporting this worthwhile cause. All donations are appreciated. Click here to donate.

Thanks … and think of me in a couple weeks as I’m running through the streets of San Diego,


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