Friday, July 10, 2009

United, I Am - Chicago, I Run

By Ross Forman

(July 9 in Chicago) – Chuck struggled early; I struggled late. Welcome to the world of running.

For my 12-mile training run on Independence Day, I ran here along Lake Michigan with my good friend Chuck, though he was only going 7 miles. Sure was nice to run with someone since the vast majority of my training runs throughout 2009 have just been me, myself and my iPod … although that often is by choice.

We ran south along the lakefront, making a quick stop to say HELLO to some friends at a softball tournament in Lincoln Park, and then turning around after about 3.5 miles. He left after his seven miles and I continued north to Foster Avenue.

Unfortunately, when I reached the mile-marker at Foster, I also realized I was tired. And boy were those last two miles tiring. Seemed like those last 2 miles took about 2 hours.

Oh well, at least I finished all 12.

My post-run holiday was playing three softball games of my own, not enjoying the beach, the Taste of Chicago or even a nearby bar-b-que. Running the bases and reaching for grounders while playing third base was not much fun for the first hour or so. At least my defense is usually pretty good and my offense is decent too as a singles or doubles hitter. My throwing is, ugh, in question. No one can turn a web gem into disaster better or faster than yours truly with some throws that, well, could end up anywhere but the first baseman’s glove.

My next marathon is three months away: the Bank of America Chicago Marathon on Sunday, Oct. 18. With about 40,000 participants, this is going to be an awesome event, run through 29 historic and diverse neighborhoods. With so many family members and friends expected along the course, not to mention fellow marathoners I know, this is going to be one cool event.

I just hope it’s not hot.

The Chicago Marathon has been quite hot the last couple of years, and that’s no fun. My training actually was thrown off on June 27 by the heat. I was in Houston that weekend, and scheduled to run 12 miles on that Saturday. However, the thermometer said 87 degrees (and that’s no mention of the intense humidity) and it was just

7:47 a.m. I cannot image running 12 miles with the temp expected to hit 105 degrees. Heck, my Sugoi training shirt showed sweat just walking outside.
So instead of running 12 miles outside in Houston, I ran 8 miles on the treadmill inside at the Hilton Americas Hotel.

I’m happy to say that United Airlines is featuring me in its in-flight magazine, Hemispheres.
Here’s a sneak peek at the piece.

The Chicago Marathon is my major fund-raiser for 2009 to support the AIDS Foundation of Chicago. Please consider donating to support this worthwhile cause as I push my body on yet another 26.2-mile grind. Click here to donate and all tax-deductible contributions are sincerely appreciated.



PS … Best wishes for a Happy 50th Birthday (on July 9) to

Kevin Nash.

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