Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My RUN In Professional Wrestling

By Ross Forman

I’ve met some amazing people over the years through my run (no pun intended) in professional wrestling. Let’s see:

- The wrestlers and broadcasters are truly an intriguing bunch and I’m proud to say some are my closest friends. Kevin Nash, Jeff Jarrett, Bill Goldberg, Mike Tenay, Lodi, Sonjay Dutt and others.

- The front-office staff at TNA Wrestling (my current wrestling federation) is a great bunch, led by Dixie Carter (not the Designing Woman), who is motivating and driven.

- The fans are truly an amazing, dedicated bunch. Such as Jackie, Ben and the crew in South Florida; David and Mark, twins in Chicago; Jeanne and her son in New York; celebrities from all major sports and the entertainment industry; and so many others. Especially Craig Majorki and his family in Vancouver.

I first met Craig and his sister, Andrea, in Indianapolis before WrestleMania VII in 1992.

Craig has Klippel, Trenary, Weber Syndrome: a rare combination of tumors. I actually didn’t know what Craig’s exact ailment was until recently; I just knew him and his family as a nice, kind, polite, caring group.

In 1990, Craig had an extremely risky, very delicate and extensive operation. After the operation, he grew weaker and weaker while trying to recover in the hospital. That’s where the Help Fill A Dream Foundation came into the picture a la the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Canada-based Help Fill A Dream granted Craig’s wish: to meet Hulk Hogan in Indianapolis.

“His wish came true and resulted in turning Craig’s life around for the better,” said Craig’s dad, Steve.

Craig’s condition sharply impedes his balance and his ability to walk or run for any length of time. But his friendship over the years is rock solid.

So, on May 2, I am taking to the streets of Vancouver – in his hometown – for the annual BMO Vancounver Marathon. It will be my eighth marathon in a 2 ½-year span, and I’m running the 26.2-mile journey for Craig.

I know Craig and his family will be out on the course, cheering and no doubt taking pictures. I’ll be the one grinding it out for, hopefully, a Personal Record (PR), wearing a black, sleeveless shirt with LIVESTRONG printed in yellow across the front, though I am tempted to wear a TNA Wrestling shirt (hint hint, Serg) because it’s through pro wrestling that I have some good friends in Vancouver.


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