Tuesday, July 24, 2007

On the Run to Florence - July 24, 2007

By Ross Forman

I ran 5 miles on July 21 in 58 minutes and, sure, this is a tad less than one-fifth of a marathon’s 26.2-mile grind, but this was the first time I really felt that, yes, I will be able to do it.


Not really sure why, but just felt good out there, running along the lakefront.


The 58-minute time was slower than I could have gone, but it was right on for my training pace-group as part of the National AIDS Marathon Training Program (NAMTP) en route to the Florence 2007 Marathon on Nov. 25.


I normally run about a 10-minute mile, give or take, but am training in the 12-minute pace-group, named by the NAMTP for Alberto Salazar, the charismatic runner who won three consecutive New York City Marathons in the early 1980s.


Next Saturday, I’ll be doing 7-miles, then 8, then 10, slowly and steadily increasing my distances over the coming weeks and months.


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