Tuesday, August 14, 2007

On the Run to Florence - August 14, 2007

By Ross Forman
    Well, I did my first double-digit run.
    I ran 10-miles on Saturday, August 11, finishing in 2:02.
    Only 16.2-miles on top of that and I'll have a full marathon done ... ugh.
    I would have finished in under two hours had my running group - with our 12-minute-per-mile pace-group - not stopped for a couple bathroom breaks and taken a little longer at the Gatorade stops than we probably should have.
    Oh well, I finished and felt great. No foot problems, no stamina problems.
    I'll be running 12-miles this upcoming Saturday, August 18, along the lakefront, starting at Foster Avenue and heading south-bound.
    In addition to the Saturday group-runs, I also run two or three times during the week, each time for 45- or 55-minutes, give or take.
    I really enjoy the Saturday runs because someone else manages the time. I'm not monitoring the watch every few minutes, to keep on our 4:1 run:walk ratio. During the week, when I'm running solo, I'm checking my trusty Timex every few minutes, and then I actually run at a 5:1 pace.
    After this week's 12-mile journey, I'll do 14 miles next week, then drop down to an 8-mile recovery run on Sept. 1, which actually could be quite a challenge since I'll be running in Denver. Actually, I'll be running in Denver with my friend Chuck, if he doesn't mind my slower pace than his norm.
    My marathon training is part of the National AIDS Marathon Training Program (NAMTP), to raise funds for the AIDS Foundation of Chicago. Would you please consider sponsoring your favorite writing-runner and help the AIDS Foundation of Chicago in the process.  Please go to my website (www.firstgiving.com/rossruns) while I run to Florence, Italy. 
    Ross Forman can be reached at: Rossco814@aol.com

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